What are Service Apartments and who are they for?

Service apartments are fully furnished apartments where a guest can stay either for short term or long term. Service apartments are like a home away from home for you and your family, friends, or colleagues, making them the best alternative to staying at a hotel.

Good service apartments provide all the amenities that a top-end hotel provides such as room service, housekeeping, laundry service, gym/workout facilities, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Unlike even the best hotels, good serviced apartments offer fully equipped kitchens where you can cook your own meals (or order room service, the choice is yours).

Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay

Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay

These perfect vacation residences have several benefits over hotels which makes choosing them the best travel decision that you can make.

For example, you can relax more comfortably in an entire apartment than you can in a cramped hotel room. Serviced apartments offer completely separate living/dining rooms and bedrooms. You don’t have to worry about your so-called suite actually just being a large bedroom with a sofa next to your bed.

Friends and family can be invited and entertained more easily in your own private spacious apartment.

Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport

Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport

Want to do your own laundry? No problem, a service apartment delivers. You can usually find a washer/dryer unit inside your apartment to make life that much easier (and cheaper) especially on those longer trips.

Several hotels boast about free Wi-Fi but the connection is invariably slow and you often have a limited number of devices. This doesn’t happen at service apartments. You can enjoy round the clock internet at high speeds with unlimited devices, so there are no hurdles to your work or to your children posting pictures of your vacation on Instagram.

From king-sized beds to convenient kitchens, serviced apartments have all the amenities a person could want in order to make you feel as if you are right at home.

Who are service apartments for?

If you are looking for amenities that only the most expensive 5-star hotels can provide but don’t want to pay the huge amounts they charge, then Service Apartments are the best choice for you.

They are also perfect if you are looking for an extended stay in most cities due to their higher value for money.

Lalco Residency - Swimming Pool (1)

The flexibility and convenience of serviced apartments allow you the freedom to book them for a few days or for many months.

Service apartments give the perfect mix of the freedom that your own house or apartment provides along with the conveniences of a hotel.

They are thus perfect for all kinds of travelers whether you’re a business traveler, medical tourist or on a leisure vacation.

About Lalco Residency Mumbai

Lalco Residency is the premier service apartment provider in Mumbai.

Staying at Lalco Residency apartments will let you enjoy the benefits, comforts, and space of a 5-star hotel at a very affordable cost. It is better to stay here than at any of the expensive hotels in Andheri East.

Lalco Residency is one of the closest serviced apartments near Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, also known as Terminal 2 or T2.

Lalco Residency is located off of Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road in a gated community and has easy to access to both the Western and Eastern Express Highways.

Apartments range in size from one to six bedrooms and can accommodate up to one to ten guests.

Your stay at LR will not burn a hole in your wallet as it will cost you almost 40% less than stays at any other hotel or serviced apartment with comparable facilities.

All Lalco Residency service apartments are furnished with fashionable, highly-quality furniture and have the newest technology installed in them.

To give the apartments the feeling of home, the walls have been decorated with carefully curated art.

Our guests enjoy complimentary breakfast and complimentary access to a world-class club-house which includes a swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, badminton court, and many other facilities.

We provide 24/7 transport services in chauffeur driven cars. The fleet of cars includes vans, sedans, and compact cars to suit your every need.

All this makes LR the best in class luxury serviced apartment provider in Mumbai for family and group stays. We hope you select Lalco Residency for a stay like no other!

Author Bio:

Lysha works at Lalco Residency — (Hotel Mumbai) and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills make her perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai (Executive Apartments In Mumbai).


Traveling with kids: Our family friendly service apartments in Mumbai

Traveling with your kids and loved ones is always a pleasure but sometimes finding the right accommodation can be a challenge. You want a good place with high-quality services, modern amenities, which not only offers good security but some cool engagement for kids too! The list sure seems a tall one and on 1st go it might appear that the list can only be fulfilled by a 5-star hotel!

But a 5-star hotel in Mumbai can easily burn a hole through your pocket sending your entire travel budget for a toss. So what’s the solution to this dilemma? A compromise, wherein you either sacrifice money for comfort or, comfort for money?

Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay

Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay

Compromises are never the best option and vacations are supposed to be the best times of the year! So we have found a perfect solution for you. One which allows you to stay in budget while still having a fun-filled time with your kids!

Quality, comfort, and connectivity are three things which you will find in abundance in LR service apartments.

The service apartments are fully furnished and provide excellent personalized service. The amount of space you get, for a cheaper rate, is miles ahead of what a hotel room might give you. They are tailored especially for families and kids and cater to your every need.

Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport

Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport

Spend your day exploring Mumbai, taking in the various sights and sounds and then come back to your service apartment. If you are coming to Mumbai to attend an exhibition and you are looking for hotels near the Mumbai Exhibition Centre, then you should definitely stay at LalcoResidency service apartments which is strategically located on a main road (JVLR) with easy access to the highways and transportation hubs, unlike many other premier hotels near Mumbai Exhibition Centre Goregaon.

Some of the many benefits you will get while staying in Lalco residency are:

  • Complimentary high-speed internet – Something even the most expensive and best hotels fail to offer! With high-speed internet, your kids can enjoy their gaming and web surfing uninterrupted.
  • Cable TV in every room – So you can enjoy your favorite show, while your kids enjoy their favorite show!
  • Buffet breakfast every morning with both Indian and Continental styles – Kids love the Lalco Residency buffet because it offers something for everyone! Just in case your kids are craving something else, just place in an order from our all-day menu and satisfy the cravings!

To complete your 5-star hotel experience, Lalco residency offers guests full access to their health club which includes a Gym, a Swimming Pool, Badminton Court, a Squash Court, a Yoga room and several other amenities. These facilities can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids (supervised by adults).

For younger kids, there is a dedicated outdoor kid’s play area. Build beautiful memories of playing with your children right in the comfort and security of your own serviced apartment.

Lalco Residency

You can book one, two, three, four, five and even six bedroom service apartments in LalcoResidency, whatever suits your needs best.

They all come with living areas, fully equipped modern kitchens and dining areas as well as at least 2 bathrooms. Our four, five and six bedroom apartments have 4 bathrooms each and are over 1,800 sq. ft.

Have we convinced you that serviced apartments are a much better option than any Hotels in Andheri?

If not then here are some more amenities provided by Lalco residency-

  • Washing and drying machines
  • Iron and ironing boards
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Video doorbell for your security
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee

Only the most expensive hotels provide such amenities but you get to avail of all of them at a very affordable price in Lalco Residency service apartments.

Lalco Group is one of Mumbai’s largest real estate companies and you have their guarantee that your stay will be secure, enjoyable and fun.

The service apartments are award winning and are among the top rated accommodations in Mumbai. From the very beginning, the apartments have been rated among the Top 10 in TripAdvisor’s specialty lodging facilities in Mumbai and have even grabbed the top spot several times.

Lalco Residency - Master Bedroom (King) new

Lalco Residency also has higher rankings onGoogle.com, Expedia.com, and Booking.com than any service apartment or hotels in its class.

We can safely and confidently say that Lalco Residency is the very best among all other accommodations and compares favorably with almost all hotels in Mumbai suburbs.
Choose LalcoResidency and enjoy a stay like no other!

Author Bio:

Lysha works at Lalco Residency — (Executive Homes Serviced Apartments) and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills make her perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai (Hotels Near Bombay Exhibition Centre)


5 Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Serviced Apartment

When traveling on a business trip, a vacation, or a family trip, you have the choice of booking into a hotel or going for a serviced apartment. Whereas both are very viable accommodation options, you may need to give more consideration to the serviced apartments’ option. Below are the reasons why.

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Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport

Why Opt For A Serviced Apartment?

1. More space and comfort

Serviced apartments have twice as much space as their equivalent in a hotel room. Regardless of whether you go for a 4 bedroom house or a studio apartment, each will come with a separate kitchen, bedrooms, and a fully equipped working/living area. You will, therefore, have more room that is very comfortable and accommodating for you during your business venture.

2. Cost-effective accommodation

When compared to hotel reservations, apartments offer more value for your money. They also do not come with hidden costs like the room service and drinks from the bar charges. To add on to this, they come ready with internet access. This makes them very ideal for the business traveler.

Lalco Residency - Master Bedroom (King)1

Since one hires such an apartment for a number of days, you also enjoy reduced prices per night. You may also avoid the boardroom renting costs by simply organizing to meet your clients and business partners within the same apartment. This translates to more cost savings and value for your money.

3. Flexibility

With an apartment, you can enjoy your own specially made home-cooked meals. You may also hire a chef to cook for you within your apartment. When you want to, you can even go out for a meal. This gives you a choice and the independence that any traveler really needs. This is unlike a hotel room where you have to always eat out or go with the rigid menu items offered by your hotel. Such an apartment is like an extension of your home; a home away from home.

4. Quality

A serviced apartment comes with quality and high standard furnishing. You also get modern kitchen facilities, a well-organized living area, quality towels and toiletries, a first class entertainment facility and an awesome internet and communication system.

Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay

Basically, compared to a hotel room (and even your own home!), you get higher quality items and settings in a serviced apartment. Your living standard gets an upgrade, at least for the time you will be living in this apartment.

5. Privacy

Serviced apartments offer a higher degree of privacy compared to hotel rooms. In an average apartment block, you may have about 30-50 apartments. This works out to about 100-150 people. A conventional hotel will have about 100-200 bedrooms.

This works out to about 400-500 people when you combine the bedrooms occupants with the people in the public areas of the hotel.

Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs

Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs

With these apartments, you are also able to hold your own business meeting in the privacy of your apartment. If you are on a vacation with your family, you will also be able to run your family the same way that you will be used to back at home.

So, would you rather go for a clogged up, highly populated, more costly and lesser convenient hotel room that offers less privacy, or would you go for a highly private, more convenient and less costly option that is the serviced apartment.


Properties and great things about an excellent Serviced Apartment

The word serviced apartment simply means apartment which are fully furnished and designed for longterm or small amount of time stays. The apartments distinguish themselves from hotels because of the kind of amenities they offer.

For example, you can be challenged to locate a fully stocked European style kitchen in virtually any hotel room all over the world.

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Distinguishing top features of an excellent serviced apartment.


The majority of such apartments include furnished features from the sitting room to the bed room fully. For the more classy furnished apartments, you can also get marbled bathrooms and big kitchens with all the modern fitted appliances.

Lalco Residency


The serviced apartment supplies a complete large amount of space in comparison to standard resort rooms. If you consider staying for an extended period, you will need a place where one can walk about and feel free (not just a crummy accommodation with only space for a bed and a table.)


That is another feature that serviced apartments offer. Privacy is essential if you don’t need to get disturbed by the continuous commotions of busy hotel.

Features like kitchen and huge closet space. Perhaps this distinguishing factor sets the serviced apartment above the standard hotel room. With a furnished kitchen fully, you can opt to cook and save some money. Some apartments include huge closet spaces for all you clothes and shoes.

Amenities like web connection, and parking

This has turn into a standard feature of serviced apartments. Web connection might be portion of the whole package or it might be charged separately. These apartments likewise have their very own private parking lot so you don’t need to worry where in fact the heck you will definitely park your vehicle.

Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs

Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs

The serviced apartment merges all of the above features with hotel facilities like reception area together.

Cleaning and laundry services

Although some serviced apartments come filled with a laundry room (that’s fully furnished with laundry machines), other give you the opportunity to utilize their in-house cleaning services. In any event your garments shall get that lemony freshness that you so much enjoy.

The services ought to be utilized by you of reputable agents. This is because of the many advantages that you will be afforded by the agents. You won’t have to be worried about all of the booking process that continues on when you wish a serviced apartment. You stand to obtain better pricing with regards to the charges per night.

The agent can negotiate and move on to know if the expense of hiring the apartment includes things such as cleaning services, web connection, parking services, etc. This can enable you to budget finances better. The agents know about a large selection of available apartments, that you are welcomed to choose and choose.

Lalco Residency - Master Bedroom (King)1

It is necessary that you merely use professional well-known agents. That is so you aren’t conned into paying fictitious charges (money that will go straight into the fake agent’s pockets).

The decision is in the hands entirely. Whether you wish to spend four weeks in an accommodation which has little space no kitchen, or whether you’ll prefer a furnished fully, kitchen enabled serviced apartment.


Serviced Apartments are Better than the Best Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the best hotels to offer, and you can easily be spoilt for choice, but have you considered the option of a serviced apartment? Serviced apartments are far superior to hotels in terms of both comfort and pricing. Let us take you on a walk-through of what a premium serviced apartment like Lalco Residency has to offer you

Space & Comfort:

• An average hotel room is 325 sq.ft., with a single room to serve as your bedroom, dining room, workspace, and entertainment room. No doubt most hotel guests feel cramped and cooped in their rooms.
• Compare this to a 1bhk serviced apartment at Lalco Residency. It is spread over 965 sq.ft.! Almost 3 times a hotel room.

Lalco Residency

• You get a dedicated bedroom, a living room, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen!
• You might argue that a suite is much more spacious than average hotel room, however even a suite cannot offer you a fully furnished living room and dining room, not to mention a fully equipped kitchen! This is something only a premium serviced apartment can offer you.


• No hotel room offers you a kitchen, but you can get this with a serviced apartment. This ensures you have full freedom regarding your meals.
• If you are on a diet or have food restriction due to medical reason you can easily whip up the meal if your choice in the comfort of your kitchen.
• You can use our fully equipped kitchen to whip up anything from a light snack to a full course meal!

• Cooking yourself will also help you save money, something you cannot do in a hotel as you are forced to eat out all the meals.
• Best part, our serviced apartments offer room service too! So if you are not in mood to cook, just give us a ring and we will whip up a delicious meal for you.
• Also each serviced apartment has its own dedicated dining area with a dining table so you can eat in comfortably.


• Hotels usually charge for Wi-Fior provide a limited number of devices, like 2 or 3 at weak speeds.
• At premium serviced apartments, you get free high speed Wi-Fi for unlimited devices!
• Whether you want to browse the net or send work emails it will all be a breeze.
• When staying in hotel you are forced to endure the laundry bill for getting your clothes washed. Compare this to a fully equipped serviced apartment where every apartment has its own washer/dryer, with outdoor drying area for your clothes!

Hotels In Mumbai Suburbs
• No more laundry bills, unless, you get a bit too busy with work or life and need a little help. At the top serviced apartments laundry services including dry cleaning almost always offered as well!

More for your Money!

• Serviced apartments are way cheaper than hotels on a per person basis. A 1bhk serviced apartment can accommodate 2 people, whereas a 6bhk can accommodate up to 10 people.
• Most hotel rooms are designed to accommodate 2 or max 4 people. So you need to book at least 3 rooms for 10 people, this is far more costly than a 6bhk serviced apartment.
• Also a hotel rooms only offer 1 bathroom; compare this to a 1bhk serviced apartment that comes with 2 full bathrooms! One for your personal use and 1 for your guests!
• In case your party increases, and you have some additional members coming along in a hotel you will be forced to book a new room, whereas in a serviced apartment you can have extra people stay in with you for only a small additional charge.
• When you book with a hotel, themiscellaneous charges like laundry, internet, and breakfast keep piling up and reflect in your final bill making you cringe. However with a serviced apartment, you get the freedom to cut back on all these charges with your own kitchenette, washer/dryer and more.


• If you book a hotel room for a long work related stay you are confined to the same room all throughout the day. It is difficult to switch from work mode to relax mode in the same cramped space.
• Whereas if you stay in a 1/2/3 bhk serviced apartment, you can easily convert a spare bedroom into a dedicated work room with a desk! So your workspace is separated from your relaxing space and your entertainment zone.
• Almost all hotels are equipped with windows that are sealed shut or open only partially, so if you feel the need for a whiff of fresh air you are forced to step out of the room. But at premium serviced apartment, this is not the case; the windows are designed to open fully, allowing you to actually get some fresh air from inside your apartment.

Lalco Residency - Master Bedroom (King)1
• Hotel rooms offer 1 ac for the entire space; this makes it a constant struggle for people with different body temperatures, who keep adjusting the AC constantly to make it comfortable. Serviced apartments have individual ACs in each room! So you have the freedom to make your room as hot or cold as you like, without affecting the other inhabitants!
With so many advantages serviced apartments are a clear winners over hotels, don’t you agree?

Author Bio:

Lysha works at Lalco Residency — (Service Apartments In Andheri) and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills make her perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai (Hotels Near Mumbai Exhibition Center Goregaon).

Service Apartments


What’s your next trip all about, work or leisure? Will it be a solo trip or with a group? Both these questions are very important to choose the right accommodation for your next trip. Some hotels are geared for solo travellers, while some others are geared for groups and families.

Some hotels cater exclusively to corporate travellers on business trips whereas some others are family friendly hotels. Choosing the right one which fits in your budget too might be a tedious task at times.

How about if we add another option to the mix? Serviced apartments!

A super comfortable accommodation that will cater to all your needs!  A place that will feel like home away from home whatever be the purpose or duration of your trip.

In fact let us break it down for you. If you have always chosen to stay in hotels, then serviced apartments might seem a bit strange to you. So let’s compare a serviced apartment vi-a-vis a hotel for a corporate traveller.

Corporate traveller Requirement Serviced Apartment Hotel
Dedicated workspace in the hotel room At premium serviced apartments like Lalco residency, every room has a dedicated workspace. Most hotels do not have dedicated workspace in their rooms.
Quality internet access At Lalco Residency all rooms have free Wi-Fi access with lightning fast speed Free Wi-Fi even if provided is of poor quality which considerably slows down your working
Access to printer, scanner, fax machines At Lalco Residency you can access all these amenities and our dedicated staff is present 24/7 to assist you with any further needs Most hotels do not provide you access to these amenities. At best only the most premium hotels provide access to these.
Space to hold meetings or conferences at At Lalco Residency you get access to dedicated meeting rooms which are equipped with all modern equipment’s. Most hotels do not have dedicated meeting rooms.
Comfortable rooms with leg space to move around At Lalco Residency each apartment has a separate kitchen, dining area, entertainment area and bedroom. This provides for ample leg space for you to move around and be comfortable in. Our 1BHK apartment is spread over 965 sq.ft. Average hotel rooms are 250 sq.ft. in size! There is no space to move around.
Maintaining your health Lalco Residency has a fully furnished gym, a badminton court, squash court, a swimming pool, a table tennis room and even a yoga room to name a few. Apart from this you also get the option to cook your own meals in your dedicated kitchen so you can have healthier meals with diet restrictions if any. Most average hotels do not have badminton court and such. Moreover you are forced to eat meals from out which are in most cases less healthy than meals you can cook yourself.

Last but not the least, budget matters! Premium serviced apartments like Lalco Residency offers all these and more at a fraction of cost as compared to a hotel! You can experience a comfortable and luxurious stay at a serviced apartment while saving on your travel budget as well.

So what say, are you game to give serviced apartment a try on your next trip? We at Lalco Residency would be happy to host you. Just give us a ring and our concierge will handle all the booking details for you.

Author Bio:

Lysha works at Lalco Residency — (Hotel Mumbai) and she loves her job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with her leadership skills make her perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Lysha at Lalco Residency in Mumbai (Bombay Service Apartments).


Weddings are so much more than just the ceremony…They are about the whole family and friends, coming together and celebrating, having fun and making wonderful memories. Everyone wishes for their wedding to be one-of-a-kind, luxurious and fun. One of the most important factors that can assure a classic, beautiful and enjoyable wedding experience for you and your guests is your wedding accommodation.

Lalco Residency - Swimming Pool (1)

Getting married in Mumbai and finding a suitable accommodation can be quite a task. Mumbai offers a variety of hotels and service apartments that you can consider. While hotels offer great services and venues for your special day, when all your friends and family are together, you yearn for something more. Most experiences of staying in hotels are convenient but not as comfortable as being at home. With comparatively smaller rooms, the fun everyone could have had if they could stay together in large group is compromised. These problems can be solved by opting for service apartments for your wedding accommodation.

Service apartments offer top-notch, luxurious and gratifying services to your wedding guests. With their hospitality and luxury, service apartments combine the services provided by the hotels with spacious apartments instead of bedrooms. One of the best Service Apartments for wedding accommodations in Mumbai is Lalco Residency or LR. Some features of Lalco Residency serviced apartments,that will help make your wedding a memorable event, are listed below.

Great Location

Situated in Andheri, Lalco Residency provides excellent connectivity to other major areas of the city, including the airport. Nothing beats a wedding venue that’s easy to locate and quick to reach. Your wedding guests will love you for choosing LR.

Offers Concierge All-Day 24×7

Lalco Residency provides 24 hour, 7 days a week concierge to its guests.With Lalco Residency taking care of all your guests’ needs, you can enjoy your big day without any worries. Whether it’s booking cabs or ordering food, the guests’ needs will all be taken care of.

Privacy as well as Freedom

Lalco Residency assures the privacy of the guests. Once booked, the apartment belongs to them entirely. Moreover, the kids and adults can stay entertained alike by enjoying a wide range of amenities provided by LR. From children’s play area to swimming pool and snooker tables for adults, there is something for everyone here.

More Space, More Fun

There’s no doubt in the fact that service apartments are50-120% more spacious than your regular hotel rooms. LR’s apartments vary in sizes from one to six bedrooms and can accommodate anywhere between 1 to 10 guests per apartment. This gives the guests the freedom to stay in groups and have more fun!

High-Quality Décor Furniture

Lalco Residency doesn’t compromise on interior décor. With superior quality furniture and comfortable layouts, service apartments will surely appeal to guests.

Instilled With Latest Technology

Lalco’s apartments are well-equipped with all the technological features like free Wi-Fi services, air-conditioners, televisions, etc.

Great Living Experience

Luxury is the most valuable asset of Lalco Residency. They offer airport transfer facilities to the guests, both to and from the Mumbai Airport. Apart from this, you can also book chauffeur driven carsfor yourself and your guestsand have a comfortable, hassle-free stay.

On-Stay Services at Its Best

During the stay, the team provides guests with housekeeping and laundry services on a regular basis. Apart from that, dry cleaning, ironing, and on-site ATM services are offered as well. This will make your and your guests’ lives so much easier.

Rated as the number one service apartment in Andheri East by TripAdvisor for multiple years in a row, Lalco Residency definitely will live upto your expectations. With all the unmatched amenities and facilities available, Lalco Residency is the perfect wedding accommodation for your guests. Let LR take care of your guests while you truly enjoy your big day!

Author Bio:

Vijay works at Lalco Residency — (Apartments In Mumbai For Short Stay) and he loves his job. Helping clients and monitoring the progress of business strategies along with his leadership skills make him perfectly suited for Hospitality services. You can catch up with Vijay at Lalco Residency in Mumbai (Service Apartments Near Mumbai Airport).